Sistas On The Links


SOTL members have a wide range of golf experience.   Your involvement in the club will in someways depend on your experience with the game.  We encourage members of all levels to

TAKE LESSONS: You can never have too many lessons.  Check your local golf courses and community colleges.


PLAY!  Don’t be afraid to come out and play with the club.  We provide a safe place to play and learn.  Be prepared to keep the game moving- even if it means you have to pick-up your ball.

Watch & learn from other experienced members.  Ask questions.

Learn and always use proper golf etiquite when out on the course.

RSVP for events so we know we’re reaching you.  RSVP even when you can’t come. 

Respect payment deadlines:  Our event coordinators work diligently to arrange outings.  Usually the golf course requires payment well in advance of the tournament.  Make it easy on us.  Pay by the deadline and RSVP.


During our recent Let’s Chat About Golf Weekly Session, we received lots of good suggestions about wet weather gear while discussing this article –
9 Accessories for Golfing in the Rain – Florida’s First Coast of Golf (
We also got suggestions for waterproof shoes/ gloves/jackets (Gore-Tex) – – Dry joys are a good brand of Footjoy shoes.
Additionally, we received some additional suggestions for golf equipment from those who like to play in extreme conditions (cold and wet) golf cart covers and heaters – 

 Electronic hand warmers – : usb hand warmer and finally, a great resource for winter wear Columbia Employee Store – Pt. Richmond, CA – Columbia Sportswear Company Employee Store #426 94804 – 1414 Harbor Way South – Richmond, CA 94804 – 510-558-2995
Coupon required for entry. Coupons can be obtained from Richmond Convention and Visitor’s Bureau on Tewksbury Avenue in Pt. Richmond, CA

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