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Sistas on the Links Golf Club, Inc.       

Sistas on  the Links has moved it’s membership application process to an online platform (called MEMBER PLANET).  For information regarding membership in SOTL, please contact Audrey Goins Cormier,  Membership Chairperson at EMAIL:                                                           

Greetings Sistas and welcome to Sistas on the Links (SOTL) Golf Club Inc.  You are in for an exciting year of golf, new friends, and more!  I am the Membership Chair for the Club. I am responsible for coordinating the annual membership drive, maintaining and distributing the membership roster to the Club membership and to the WSGA and for distributing membership related information to existing and prospective members.  To that end, I’d like to briefly share some information about our organization and outline some of the benefits of your membership.

Mission – Our mission is to (a) unite and expose African American women to the game of golf (b) introduce golf to young women and nurture their personal and academic growth (c) inform the members of the rules and etiquette of golf and (d) provide opportunities to play in an environment of encouragement and acceptance and the strengthen golf skills through course play and education.

Organization: SOTL is affiliated with the Western States Golf Association (WSGA), a 65-year old African American golf association operating primarily in the Western United States with over 27 local clubs forming its membership.

Website:   Our website is located at  Important information about our organization is posted on this site so please bookmark it and refer to it often.

Programs: Consistent with our mission and as a benefit of your membership, our club sponsors the following programs:

Communication: SOTL maintains a Google Groups distribution which allows active members whose dues are paid in full to establish play days and communicate events that support women golfers and the community at large.  We hope you will enjoy your membership in SOTL and encourage you to share information about our organization with others. If you have questions about your membership, please feel free to contact me at via e-mail or phone.

Audrey Goins Cormier, Membership Chairperson   Cell: 1-510-418-7530

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