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Our annual membership drive is held each November for membership the following year.   Women over 18 are welcome to join.  Juniors are also welcome.  Please contact our membership chair if you have any questions about joining the club.

Full membership includes membership in Western States Golf Association (WSGA).  In these cases, handicap management is done through WSGA.cropped-cropped-cropped-sistas02.jpg

Women who already belong to another WSGA club may join Sistas On The Links as a dual member.  In these cases, the other club manages the member’s handicap.

Women who belong to a non WSGA club but want
to join Sistas On The Links may join as associate members.  Associate membership can also be used for those who do not want to establish a handicap.

Submit your application and fees by Dec. 15. 

Mail to: Sistas On The Links

PO Box 71084

Point Richmond, CA 94807-1084

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