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Vanita Finney 2016 SOTL Golfer of the Year(ReadMore)

vanita-finney-img_1663Vanita Finney is the winner of the 2016 SOTL Golfer of the year. The award is based on a point system for participating in a wide variety of golf related activities.

During 2016 Vanita has enthusiastically competed in quite a number of golf tournaments. She has won several events by placing first and second low net. She won her match at the Women in Golf event which was held in San Diego.

Her active involvement with local junior golf tournaments is greatly appreciated by the organizing staff members.

As of December 7, 2016 Vanita has been appointed to the Vallejo Golf Club Board of Directors.  She is the first African-American to be on the board. Without a doubt, Vanita will be an invaluable asset to the board.

We congratulate Vanita for her accomplishments.

Article by Carole Vanderberg

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